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May 27, 2008


Bobbi in KY

Everything will be'll just be another day, since you've done it a few times before..Just enjoy it!! (but I'd definitely take some chocolate with me LOL)


I enjoy reading your blog...have been a huge fan of yours for a while now. I have four...13, 10, 7, 3. I adore having four and know you will too. I can't remember too much on my list for the hospital. I am a list maker, too. I remember taking a roll of quarter (for Daddy and vending machines), comfy socks, a small piece of black velvet (for some newborn shots), a list of shots I wanted hubby to take with the camera, a CD of favorite songs...I had more on my list, but I had four C-sections and had to stay a wee bit longer. Enjoy your nesting time:) God bless!


What a beautiful picture! I hear you on the boys issue--one is more than enough for me!

I think the camera and a phone list were my only true must haves, and a cute outfit for the baby and something for me to wear that I hadn't worn at least twice a week for the last two months. :)


What a precious picture! I love it! I have three boys and it is totally doable. Boys made be loud and dirty, but there is a lot less drama. They also think their mamas are princesses. Enjoy these last few weeks before your family changes and you can't remember what it was ever like to NOT have this new sweet little person. Congratulations, Pattye! As far as labor advice... wear something that is comfortable and try a water birth, it's amazing! Not as amazing as an epidural, but it does help ;)

Michelle (vanilla)

Hi!!!! You look marvelous!! What a beautiful picture!
Not quite a name suggestion, but more of a source suggestion... when i was a teen, about 20 years ago.... LOL a little girl, Jessica fell into the wale and was stuck for 60hours… remember?
I was so impressed by the amount of people who went to her rescue and the fact that she survived and the strength such a little girl could have…8 years later, I named my daughter Jessica … :) anyhow… good luck!

cathy walker

OH Pattye,

I love you momma belly!

cathy walker

OH Pattye,

I love you momma belly!

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