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November 17, 2008


Nicki Parker

well, there aren't enough words to describe how wonderful that was!! Listening to her pure, sweet little voice really touched me....and I know several adults who don't know all the words to that song!!


Your daughter is adorable and her song was beautiful. She did a great job..thanks for sharing!!


How proud you must be! She was just wonderful. That takes so much courage to get in front on an audience and that is not an easy song to sing.
But she was awesome.

Yeah Mom and Yeah Ella!

Thanks for sharing!

michelle lanning

Pattye she did a beautiful job!!!

Debbi Pfau

Koben and I just watched it Koben said "Ella did GREAT!" she was fabulous. We love that little girl so much. We are sorry we missed that. How lucky she is to have a mom like you and you must be so proud of the little lady she is!

Sarah C.

Ella did a fantastic job!! And way to go Mom on those shirts - they look great. :)

Angela Daniels

Another tear jerker brought to us by Ella. I want to be her when I grow up.

So glad that your house was safe and sound this weekend.


What a great job! She is adorable! What an amazing accomplishment. Meredith


Awwwwww, she's sooo cute!!! You must be so proud. :):):):)


Lisa Bracale

Wow I love reading your blog. Ella did a great job what a brave little girl and so beautiful.

Lisa in Delaware


You must be so proud!!! I also have a daughter with autism. She will be 15 may 24, 2009. She was born with hypo-plastic left heart syndrome, after her 2 of e surgeries we found out that she had autism. May God bless you and you family. I have watched your blog for awhile now and was touched when you spoke about losing your mother as a child on scrapbook lifestyles. I think that you are an extraordinary woman! Blessings from the Perez family in San Francisco, CA.

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